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Essential Technology Needs for Online Courses

To embark on a successful online learning journey, you’ll need to ensure you have the following technology requirements in place:

Computer or Tablet: A reliable computer or tablet is your gateway to accessing course materials, participating in discussions, and completing assignments. Ensure it meets the necessary technical specifications for compatibility with your online learning platform.

Reliable High-Speed Internet: A robust internet connection is paramount. Cable or DSL connections, or better, are recommended to ensure a smooth online learning experience. With a fast connection, you’ll avoid frustrating video buffering and other connectivity issues.

Email Address: It’s essential to have an active email address that you check regularly. This email will serve as a primary means of communication with instructors, classmates, and the educational institution. Checking it regularly helps you stay updated and engaged.

Browsers: A well-functioning web browser is your window to the online classroom. Ensure you have up-to-date browsers installed, as different online learning platforms may have specific browser compatibility requirements. Popular options include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari, depending on your device’s operating system.

By securing these fundamental technological prerequisites, you’ll be well-prepared to dive into your online courses, navigate digital content, and engage effectively in the virtual learning environment.

8-10 percent of each load on average

In the USA, Transport Companies hire Truck Dispatchers for their staff. The percentage of wages depends on how much the company is willing to provide them. You can check the state data at Salary.com, Neuvoo.ca, and Payscale.com. On average, Dispatchers in Transport Companies charge from 8% to 10% for their services.

Yes, You can. You need A computer and Internet access are enough.

Yes. We take successful students to our team based on their expertise & attitude. 

Both courses takes two weeks to complete on average if two hours a day is dedicated.

You will earn your certification of completion once you pass your final exam

Students will electronically print them from their emails after completing and passing the final exam

Learning Is not an easy thing without practice. You have to do your homework and your teacher will advise you. We will analyze real examples of the Dispatcher’s work.

You can study convenient time for you, So you can easily combine studying and working. On average, one lesson lasts 60 minutes. 

You can start working right after the course if you think You are confident. Practical teachers, homework, and real negotiations with brokers will help you with this.

We can’t guarantee you will become a pro, but you will be well-informed and ready to go.

Yes, we also have a dispatch company.

These courses access for 365 days after purchase. 

Students will learn everything about the trucking industry from authority DLTMC numbers, equipment, price points, rules regulations and much more students will be provided links, valuable resources, and contracts of templates that is needed in this industry.

If Your practice & dedication level are high, definitely You can able to become a Dispatcher. 

Yes we try to assist with job placement although there is no guarantees, we will take your test scores and ask students to sit in resumes for interested, dispatch companies.

You Need a Laptop & Internet.


One advanced course Online Dispatching course






One advanced course Freight Broker Online Course



two advanced courses Boss Trucking and Dispatch Bundle Course



three advanced courses BIG Boss Bundle